Our wellness facility consists of a fully functioning spar

  • A swimming pool with a fulltime lifeguard and coach
  • Massage parlor
  • A sauna¬†
  • A steam bath
  • A gym to promote our guests wellbeing both physical and mental

Our gym offers classes in physical and mental health through activities such as aqua aerobics, taebo, zumba, yoga self-defense classes among others

Body work out






Doing the right thing

Fun park

This includes activities to keep the young and young at heart vibrant and happy the activities include bouncing castles, trampolines, mountain castles, Quardbikes, hover boards, roller-skates among others

Fun park

camping grounds

This is Ideal for campers it is equipped with complete with a garden with well manicured carpet glass and garden for photo sessions, a waterfall, a fish pond where you can fish and have your fresh catch prepared for you at the adjacent campers restaurant that has a capacity of 150
The garden is also ideal for garden weddings with a capacity of about 600 people

Camping grounds

Pool bar Garden

This is an extension of our pool bar with nicely carpeted glass and water fountains and bonfire set up for the complete outdoor relaxation as you enjoy a cold drink and nyama choma outdoor

Pool bar Garden

Cabro ground

This happens to be one of our multipurpose grounds for birthday parties, wedding receptions corporate parties and outdoor meetings and luncheons with a capacity of 300people
It also serves as our hover boarding and skating park for the kids

Cabro ground