The hotel has three Bars

Pool bar

The pool bar is our number one entertainment spot on the premises and is ideal for all social gathering with a capacity of 80 people the bar overlooks the swimming pool and has its own outdoor mini garden that can host a further 100 guests .The grounds are nicely set with bonfires and fountains for those who love enjoying their drinks under the stars

The bar is stocked with a wide range of international and local brands that can be enjoyed accompanied by nyama choma from the adjacent nyama zone 

VIPs lounge

The lounge as it is commonly referred to cater for your ultimate exclusive and sophisticated experience. It is fitted with comfortable leather seats and is just next to the bar but offers the privacy and personal service staff and a mini fridge 

Main Bar/Residents Bar

The bar is located on  the first floor of our hotel overlooking our parking on one side and its balcony side overlooks the swimming pool  and the tea plantations of central Kenya

The main bar can host 50 guests with an extension of a Spanish bar that can accommodate 20 more while its balcony can host a further 30 more guests.

The bar also has an exclusive VIP lounge

Main Bar

Residents Bar



Clasified Restaurant


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